Disneyland and DCA visit April 2015


Disneyland DCA 2015-6521



This past weekend, Gwen and I joined Courtney and Sarah to celebrate their birthdays at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.


Saturday was Disneyland, and after going through the preliminaries of getting in, we made our way to Toontown, which unfortunately didn’t open until 10:00.  So, close by was “It’s a Small World”, and that is where Sarah and I went.

Disneyland DCA 2015-6530 Disneyland DCA 2015-6531












Going into the Small World building, Sarah noticed a duck in the ride’s fringes.Disneyland DCA 2015-6538






The ride was as bright as ever; I didn’t even mind the song as much as I remembered.Disneyland DCA 2015-6541 Disneyland DCA 2015-6549











And, in addition to the topiary at the end of the ride, there was another duck.Disneyland DCA 2015-6553 Disneyland DCA 2015-6554











Back to Toontown!Disneyland DCA 2015-6560
Disneyland DCA 2015-6566
Disneyland DCA 2015-6567






While we were waiting, out came Minnie Mouse and Pluto.Disneyland DCA 2015-6572 Disneyland DCA 2015-6578









Once inside Toontown, the first stop was at the Toontown roller coaster.  But what’s this?  Another duck!Disneyland DCA 2015-6597 Disneyland DCA 2015-6619 Disneyland DCA 2015-6608






The roller coaster is so much fun, it has to be done twice.Disneyland DCA 2015-6636 Disneyland DCA 2015-6635 Disneyland DCA 2015-6625







Gwen at the Toontown fountain.Disneyland DCA 2015-6640






A visit to Mickey Mouse.Disneyland DCA 2015-6646 Disneyland DCA 2015-6654










The Frozen play.Disneyland DCA 2015-6663 Disneyland DCA 2015-6670











Back to Toontown’s ship.Disneyland DCA 2015-6678 Disneyland DCA 2015-6693 Disneyland DCA 2015-6682






Has to be seen from all angles.Disneyland DCA 2015-6696 Disneyland DCA 2015-6709 Disneyland DCA 2015-6701







The Toontown building looks amazingly like a David Winter cottage…Disneyland DCA 2015-6715 Disneyland DCA 2015-6719











Coming back to the fountain.Disneyland DCA 2015-6720






A visit to Mr. Lincoln — it just keeps improving!

Disneyland DCA 2015-6727







The Thunder Mountain roller coaster…

Disneyland DCA 2015-6787







Walt with Mickey looking down Main Street with the Fantasyland Castle behind.

Disneyland DCA 2015-6789








Sarah at a colorful  water fountain, and  Gwen smiling.Disneyland DCA 2015-6791 Disneyland DCA 2015-6794











Courtney and Sarah standing in front of Mickey’s face rendered in flowers.

Disneyland DCA 2015-6796







The least changed exhibit at the park: The Tiki Room!

Disneyland DCA 2015-6810 Disneyland DCA 2015-6814 Disneyland DCA 2015-6812







The Tea Cups.  Long awaited (it rained during the day, which knocked this ride off-line for quite awhile.)

Disneyland DCA 2015-6824 Disneyland DCA 2015-6829 Disneyland DCA 2015-6830







And more Tea Cup pictures

Disneyland DCA 2015-6832 Disneyland DCA 2015-6834 Disneyland DCA 2015-6839









Fantasyland Castle at dusk.Disneyland DCA 2015-6847






Sunday was Disney California Adventure day.  Sunnier than yesterday, it started with a stroll down the Cars main street (“Radiator Springs”)

Disneyland DCA 2015-6859 Disneyland DCA 2015-6860












Waiting for pictures to be taken were Lightening McQueen and Mater the tow truck.

Disneyland DCA 2015-6869 Disneyland DCA 2015-6870












Stanley Steamer — a favorite!

Disneyland DCA 2015-6863










The Cars Roller Coaster — entrance and exit

Disneyland DCA 2015-6862 Disneyland DCA 2015-6891











Getting our pictures taken on the Cars main street.

Disneyland DCA 2015-6894







Looking at the results of our efforts at drawing moving cartoons.  Sarah drew a cookie flying out of a cookie jar!

Disneyland DCA 2015-6901 Disneyland DCA 2015-6905












In Hollywood Land, there is a Carthay Circle Theater.  Gwen used to teach in LA at the Carthay Center School.

Disneyland DCA 2015-6908







We ate a great lunch at the Italian restaurant.  They recognized Courtney and Sarah’s b-days with a special dessert.  Gwen and I got Courtney’s as she doesn’t tolerate chocolate very well.

Disneyland DCA 2015-6915







Another colorful ride…

Disneyland DCA 2015-6921

The Merry-Go-Round.

Disneyland DCA 2015-6924 Disneyland DCA 2015-6943 Disneyland DCA 2015-6933 Disneyland DCA 2015-6926







Our turn to get next to Mater, and yes, another duck…

Disneyland DCA 2015-6960 Disneyland DCA 2015-6955











Cars homage to route 66

Disneyland DCA 2015-6971 Disneyland DCA 2015-6972












Back to the Cars Roller Coaster — the vehicles are certainly appropriate!

Disneyland DCA 2015-6987 Disneyland DCA 2015-6989 Disneyland DCA 2015-6990







Oh, well, they didn’t win this race either…

Disneyland DCA 2015-7002

The Scream — the largest Disney roller coaster; not a favorite of Sarah’s.  I was able to catch Courtney’s picture.  Can you find her?

Disneyland DCA 2015-7019 Disneyland DCA 2015-7021











Yet another roller coaster — this one was a Sarah favorite!

Disneyland DCA 2015-7027 Disneyland DCA 2015-7037 Disneyland DCA 2015-7052







Miss Sarah and the cotton candy…

Disneyland DCA 2015-7057


Sitting on a park bench in Hollywood Land…

Disneyland DCA 2015-7065 Disneyland DCA 2015-7073 Disneyland DCA 2015-7076






Sarah took these pictures just before we took off back to Palm Springs

Disneyland DCA 2015-7069 Disneyland DCA 2015-7071 Disneyland DCA 2015-7080






Bye, Disneyland, until next time.  As Bob Hope used to say: Thanks for the memories!

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